What to do in Moses Lake, WA

Located in Central Washington, Moses Lake is a great city for retirement.  Parks, golf courses, wineries, fishing, boating, live music bird watching and more are all easily found in, and adjacent to the city.  Some other facts about the area:

- The average summer temperature is 79°.

- There are seven major lakes for fishing or recreation within 40 miles.

- Four golf courses within 17 miles.

- There is excellent upland (pheasant; chuckers) and waterfowl (ducks; geese) bird hunting.

- There is a Community College with a great program for adult education.

- The City presently has a commuter Air Line with two daily stops.

- There are a number of great restaurants and micro-brews in the city.

- There are numerous activities for kids and grandkids including the Moses Lake Aquatic Center.

- The City publishes in the spring of each year a calendar of weekly events for the city. Typical events include the county fair, boat races, fishing tournaments, golf tournaments, dog shows, gun Shows etc.

Beyond these activities alone, the city offers a diverse array of dining options, health services, churches, schools and more.  To learn more about all that Moses Lake has to offer, visit the City's website or the Chamber of Commerce website