Frequently Asked Questions About The Lakes Mobile Home Park Community

The system works like this: 

The Park excavates the hole for free. We have a contractor that pours the runners per the
manufacturer'ss diagram. The runners are concrete strips that usually are required by the
manufacturer to be installed on which the home will be set, blocked and tied down.
Then the water and sewer are connected.

Next an electrical contractor connects the home to the electrical power and gets that approved. Next the block foundation is installed with a crawl hole space. Then the park back fills around the home and levels the yard at no cost. Next the Park digs the hole for the foundation. The foundation and slab is installed by a concrete contractor. Finally, the garage foundation is built and attached to the home.

The park will get all necessary permits and coordinate the process for the homeowner. This can be accomplished with a park contractor or one of your own. The park does not mark up anything and does all coordination and earthwork for free.

Who can we get to help move us in?

How much is the rent?

The rent is 270.00 per month. This includes sewer and water, (including all lawn irrigation water). In addition the tenant pays his own garbage, electricity, TV and telephone. Garbage averages 15.00/month.

Can we have pets?  

Yes, small dogs under 25 pounds. I you have an older dog that does not meet these requirements the dog can stay with you until he passes away. Then a new dog would have to meet the requirements.

The same is true for cats but when the cat passes you would have to get a dog.

Do we have to build a garage?

Yes, it is required.

The purpose is to have a place to store items out of site and keep the community looking clean and un-cluttered. What we find is that the new tenants want to downsize. So they sell the home and get rid of all unnecessary items. They move in and fill the garage with necessary items and there is no place for the car. Over time they find that most of the items in the garage were not actually necessary. Then the car has room.

There is a kiosk which allows you to put in a personal code and the gate opens. Also, you can purchase a clicker which opens the gate he same way your garage door opener works.

How do I get into the park at night?

The water is free with the rent.

What does it cost to keep the lawn watered?

We have an RV storage area that is currently free.

What about storage for my RV or boat?

Do we have to put in a lawn?

All homes are required to plant lawns around their homes and install irrigation systems. This keeps the park looking green and clean. There are vendors that mow the lawns weekly in the summer for about $10.00 / week. The irrigations system allows you to leave for extended times and the system waters the lawn, the lawn is mowed and the home looks lived in.

No. There is a central park, walking trails, and sidewalks. our residents do not want to pay for that service.

Is there a clubhouse or pool?